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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Don’t leave Bridgeport children behind

No one could have planned for our school closure crisis and all the disparities it has laid bare. Struggling with a long history of under-funding and years of inconsistent leadership, Bridgeport Public Schools’ logistical and administrative challenges might feel insurmountable. We must see this closure as an opportunity —not to bring us back to what we were on March 13, but to propel us forward as a more equitable and responsive school district.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Community health workers ready to pitch in on contact tracing

Some advocates and public health experts have stated that successful reopening and recovery from COVID-19 is based on widespread contact tracing and universal testing. Investing in community outreach and meeting basic needs is a missing piece of the puzzle. As a certified Community Health Worker (CHW), I can readily say that CHWs are ready to be engaged, willing to leverage their skills and community connections, and are integral to boosting health equity throughout the state.