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Posted inSteady Habits

PODCAST: Should police be our mental health first responders?

The Police Accountability and Transparency Task Force outlined a series of priorities to reform policing in Connecticut. Among these recommendations is an examination of police officers’ interactions with individuals with a mental, intellectual or physical disability. Date: Thursday, June 18, 2020 This week, Gov. Ned Lamont used an executive order to call for greater accountability […]

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Re-opening small businesses need some protection from liability

As Connecticut gradually reopens and small business owners do all they can to protect the health of their customers and employees by following required safety protocols, there is another big financial threat facing small businesses. Even if the owners comply with every industry-specific provision on social distancing, ingress and egress, wearing face coverings, or putting up Plexiglass barriers, they may still be hit with unjustified lawsuits related to COVID-19 brought by unscrupulous lawyers and willing plaintiffs.

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Legislators, allow more absentee voting. Time is of the essence

For weeks, Connecticut voters have waited to learn if they will have to choose between safeguarding their health or exercising their right to vote in the November general election. Even in these worst of times, this is a choice no voter should face. Because the state constitution tightly prescribes the conditions for absentee voting, and state statute is even more restrictive, no-excuse absentee ballot voting is not available in Connecticut as it is in many other states, both red and blue.