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Flaws in CT’s healthcare system must be identified to be corrected

In healthcare it is common knowledge: the remedy for any malady first requires an admission there is one, followed with as much information as possible to identify, classify, and quantify symptoms so progress can begin toward a cure. The same is true for Connecticut’s complex, costly, and sometimes inefficient healthcare system, a network of doctors, specialists, other professionals, hospitals, clinics, other facilities, and insurers, upon which residents rely for preventative , restorative, critical, and emergency care services.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecticut must address crisis in affordable, high-quality early childcare

As a mother, ECE was necessary for me to return to work after my daughter was born.  However, my fellowship at NH ChILD taught me how valuable ECE is to both children and the economic growth and well-being of our cities and state. In fact, the US Chamber of Commerce considers ECE as the key to solving the two-generation workforce challenge: i.e., the ability to recruit and retain top talent and as an underestimated phase of education and human development necessary for a well-educated work force.