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Pandemics: An opportunity for voters to create needed change

If you were on Elm Street in New Haven two weeks ago, you might have seen me madly dashing to the post office collection box to drop off my ballot ahead of the 5 p.m. pickup. The fall afternoon downpour did not dampen my enthusiasm as I eagerly crammed my ballot through the mail slot, wishing it well on its journey back to Honolulu to be counted in this, my first presidential election as a voter.

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Homelessness crisis: Don’t exclude the invisible

I agree that “A stable and adequate place to call home is the cornerstone to a stable life,” as stated in the recent op-ed “Connecticut’s housing crisis requires more than an emergency response” (10/22/20). But my three decades of homelessness advocacy lead me to disagree with the authors’ premise that expanding the definition of homelessness is not the answer. Their recommendations exclude an estimated 80% of those experiencing homelessness.

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Young graduates face historic challenges

As Bloomberg recently cited, one-in-four 18- to 24-year-olds report “Feeling down, depressed, hopeless nearly every, more than half the days.” Little research is available specifically for my cohort, recent graduates whose universities (facing challenges of their own) were more or less happy to cut them loose. This would have been a tough time for some of us, regardless, but we didn’t imagine this.