The Gaylord Mountain proposal layout.

I have read the posts about the proposed solar farm in Hamden with great interest.  Having almost despaired at the lack of responsive positive attention which climate change has been receiving, particularly at the federal level, I find it it heartening when serious proposals begin to surface.

The most recent post, with its careful outline of pertinent data is a case in point.  Let us all agree that the Hamden solar plan is a serious plan.  And, hopefully, we can agree that it is a positive sign when serious proposals engender serious responses.
People with far more expertise than I will have to sift through the discussion points on both sides.   This will be true for not only for  this local project  but for similar ones across our country and our planet.

However, I would like to propose a consideration that might provide a positive resolution of the possible dilemma posed by similar  projects.

As a community, we can advocate for legislation that would require reserving  “Brown” sites for the installation of solar or windmill farms.  Finding acceptable subsequent uses for land which has been poisoned by toxic waste is proving to be a daunting and continuing challenge.   The economic advantage in rehabilitating land with very limited alternative uses would be obvious I would think as well as the poetic justice involved.

Please weigh in!

Pat Topitzer lives in New Haven.

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