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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Homes subject to mansion tax should be exempt from eviction moratorium

As an international businessman who has owned a series of wonderful homes in Greenwich, I now find myself an inadvertent landlord for a rich family who have been squatting without paying rent for months.  Recent news stories confirm I am not alone. While it clearly makes sense to limit evictions for most tenants during a pandemic, the moratorium on evictions that the Lamont administration has implemented due to COVID provides for no distinctions or proportionality in its application.

Posted inCT Viewpoints, Talking Transportation

How the pandemic has upset the ‘Just In Time’ supply chain

Notice anything missing on your store shelves?  Maybe paper products or your favorite canned soup?  Given that the pandemic has been raging for over nine months, why aren’t the shelves full again?  Why isn’t the stuff we want “getting there?” Well one of the reasons is because a Japanese engineer visited an American supermarket in the 1950s and noticed something he thought was wrong… and we’re still paying for his astute observations.