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Posted inCT Viewpoints

The vaccination strategy that will save the most lives

The important decision our leaders face today is how to prioritize COVID vaccination. In these columns, three weeks ago, I put forward an evidence-based argument that we should give first priority to our seniors, in descending order of age. I proposed that if we use 90% of our vaccine for seniors and 10% for frontline healthcare workers and those with serious medical conditions, we will save 200,000 lives.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Multilingual, multicultural education is a foundational imperative

As the calendar has turned to 2021, we cannot help but be reminded of how incredibly intertwined and interdependent we are all across the globe. What is said or done in one geographic location has ramifications far and wide, which underscores the importance of understanding each other and our actions, not only for the harm that can be inflicted inadvertently, but for the good that can be accomplished intentionally.