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Student engagement is more important than attendance

In 2019, a student could show up to school, sit in their seat for the requisite hours, and go home, and we could have safely said that they had attended school that day. If they completed assignments, asked questions, studied in the library, and participated in school-based activities, we could have confidently considered them engaged in the process of learning. What happens when school is without a building?

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A stimulus check is good, but no substitute for fair pay for women.

Checks for $1,400 may be headed to many people’s bank accounts from the latest American Rescue Plan, but a stimulus payment can’t fix fair pay. For today’s Equal Pay Day — a day that signifies when women’s earnings catch up from men from the year before — the legislature can advance bills that will close the wage gap and prioritize the women in our communities who are disproportionately affected in the COVID-19 crisis.

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Cut NCAA sports, reduce student debt and enhance the value of UConn degrees

University of Connecticut students pay over $2,000 each year solely for the privilege of having intercollegiate sports on campus. Unfortunately, these students do not realize any educational benefits for this high-cost penalty. Students, trustees, and UConn’s president need to consider the cost-benefit issue, particularly in the context of graduates’ long-term debt.

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A plea for a hold on zoning reform

I have been involved with zoning and environmental issues for most of my adult life, and I’ve never seen such an attack on our local zoning and land use as I have today by our General Assembly. I strongly believe these proposals, specifically, HB 6107, will weaken the planning and zoning commissions that our 169 towns and cities have had for decades.