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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecticut must reduce barriers for rebuilding careers after prison

Getting my real estate broker’s license was a dream that I finally achieved after spending nearly two decades in prison and ultimately being exonerated for a crime I didn’t commit. My professional license allowed me to start a real estate business that helps formerly incarcerated people to buy homes and to build their careers.

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Could a catastrophic blackout like the one in Texas happen in Connecticut?

Residents of Texas are still reeling after two winter storms and freezing temperatures swept through the state. These storms have resulted in at least 82 deaths and about $195 billion in property damage, in addition to widespread power outages, food and water shortages, and eye-popping electric bills for some consumers. While ice and snow are commonplace in New England, could a weather event or other disaster cause extended statewide blackouts and a similar type of energy crisis here? The simple answer is no.

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In support of World Water Day — and the need to protect this vital resource

World Water Day, observed this year on March 22, is dedicated to acknowledging issues surrounding access to clean water around the world and here at home. This year’s theme is valuing water. In these unprecedented times, water is an indispensable resource in fighting COVID-19 and making life better for people who are spending more time at home.

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Explicit consent for pelvic and prostate exams: A case for CT House Bill 5067

Medical distrust is hard to heal. It may linger for generations, being passed down along with china sets and pocket watches. In order to heal long-standing divides between patients and doctors, medicine needs to be responsive to persistent calls for change. Obtaining explicit permission for examination of a patient’s sexual organs is one such area.