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Enhance the earned income tax credit; create a child tax credit to support CT families, boost economy

Nearly four out of 10 Connecticut families struggle every month to make ends meet – to put food on the table, keep a car running, pay the rent, afford care for their small children while they work at the jobs available to them in our state. The United Ways of Connecticut support restoration of the state earned income tax credit and creation a state child tax credit as do-able, high-impact steps to help our families – and boost our economy, at the same time.

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An opportunity for equitable education funding for all

Last fall, our organization conducted an analysis that revealed a $639 million funding gap between Connecticut’s majority white school districts and all other public school districts in the state. As staggering and unconscionable as that $639 million figure is, it is an unacceptable yet unsurprising reality for tens of thousands of Connecticut students, their families, and their teachers who continue to be shortchanged and inequitably funded.

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COVID-19 vaccinations: There’s more work to be done!

While the past year has highlighted many of the challenges we as a society face, there has also been some light amongst the darkness. And that light just got brighter with the news that more and more of our Connecticut residents will soon be able to get their COVID vaccines. As of April, all residents over the age of 16 will be eligible to sign up for their immunization appointment.

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Reckless statements about Greenwich and its zoning

The recent reckless statements by the mayor of New Haven and a Democratic state representative here in Connecticut showed the ugly side of politics. Both public servants brought shame to their offices with baseless, unsubstantiated charges of racism leveled at municipalities they know nothing about, save for what they read on social media and their preconceived notions of those towns.