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Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecting the dots: Critical race theory and Gramsci Marxism

To a carpenter with a hammer,” it has been said, “every problem looks like a nail.” To Karl Marx, assembling communism from a wild and variegated international socialism, every social problem in the modern world arose from economic class disparities. And if one put a class disparity eye loop to one’s eye, the Marxian theory made some sort […]

Posted inCT Viewpoints

The new cannabis law: A public health and safety disaster

Connecticut’s governor and majority-party legislative leaders were proud and self-congratulatory on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, at the signing of SB1201, the recreational marijuana bill.  The governor boasted that “… all of us here… place a premium on public health… and public safety… this is a bill that prioritizes that….” To the governor and those legislative leaders: this bill is a disaster.