The Connecticut Mirror’s independent reporting on Connecticut government, public policy and politics relies on partnerships with community, education, business and media organizations. We also receive valuable support from non-profit and corporate underwriters and sponsors.

We welcome additional partnerships and supporters, in relationships that can take a variety of forms. For more information about becoming a partner with CT Mirror, please contact CEO/Publisher, or call 860-218-6380. Thank you.

Nonprofit Partners

How nonprofit partners can help

There are several ways that nonprofit organizations can work with CT Mirror to share and expand knowledge about Connecticut government, public policy and politics, including:

  • Participating— Add your organization’s voice to the Connecticut conversation by commenting on news articles and submitting commentary for publication.
  • Educating— Forward copies of reports and publications that your organization produces, as well as story ideas, to (and add us to your press list).
  • Disseminating— Share CT Mirror with your staff, board, members, friends, social networks and mailing lists, to help us get word about out to as many people as possible. Please add links to to your website and Facebook page.
  • Partnering— Email CEO/Publisher to discuss unique ways your organization can partner with CT Mirror.

Media Partners

These newspapers, broadcasters, websites and other media outlets include CTMirror content and feature our reporters and contributors:

Knowledge Partners

CT Mirror in the classroom.

Teachers, if you’d like to use content from our website in your classroom, please do so. It’s free. We just ask that you give us proper attribution and let us know how you use it, so we can recommend your ideas to other teachers and students. Contact CEO/Publisher to let us know how CT Mirror is helping you and your students learn more about Connecticut government, public policy and politics.

CT Mirror in the library.

Librarians, thank you for recommending CT Mirror as a reliable, non-partisan source of news and information about Connecticut state government, public policy and politics. Feel free to use our content, and please consider downloading our widget to add a real-time Connecticut news feed to your website.

The CT Mirror Widget

Take our widget, please!

Feel free to download and add one of our widgets to your site. Whether you’re a non-profit organization, school or college, large company, small business, hospital or community organization- or just an interested blogger- you’re welcome to use our widgets to add a live CT Mirror news feed to your page and add value to your audience.