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Strikes possible at more than 50 CT nursing homes this spring

Battered by the pandemic, low-paid workers and cash-strapped nursing homes ask state for help

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The J&J vaccine: What we know, what we don’t know, and where we go from here

Officials 'paused' administration of the vaccine on Tuesday

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A little-known technical bill could be the key to more money for core programs

Appropriations Committee leaders have a new strategy to more pump state dollars into education, social services and health care.

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SB 1018: Connecticut’s effort to increase prosecutorial accountability and why it will not work

Senate Bill 1018 does not solve Connecticut’s largest criminal justice problem: outcomes for crime victims and defendants vary based on…

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Debunking the CBIA’s takedown of the public option healthcare bill

I am writing to those struggling to defend the public option healthcare plan, under the burden of a mass of…

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A crisis and complaint about Anthem mental healthcare coverage

We write on behalf of the Mental Health Clinicians Action Network of Connecticut (MHCAN-CT), a multidisciplinary group of mental health…

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Ensure that undocumented individuals have access to COVID-19 vaccine

Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available for all Connecticut residents over the age of 16 years, we must ensure…

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GOP retains Monroe-Newtown seat in CT House

Republican Tony Scott of Monroe won a special election Tuesday in the 112th House District of Monroe and Newtown.

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Auditors: UConn Hartford campus construction cost $30M more than budgeted

Construction and renovations combined originally were priced at $87 million. Final cost: $116.7 million.

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J&J vaccine ‘pause’ complicates campus clinics, but the big question remains: Should colleges require vaccinations?

The COVID vaccines are authorized for "emergency use," making the legality of mandates murky

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CT to start collecting family-leave tax from its workers next week

The state will begin deducting the new tax to support family and medical leave benefits from non-union employees this month.

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Vaccine clinics canceled across CT after feds urge ‘pause’ on J&J vaccine

The single-dose COVID shot is key to CT's rollout strategy, especially in cities.

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CT’s prison population shrunk during the pandemic. Will it last?

The historic declines coincide with a demand for equity as racial disparities in the incarcerated populate have widened during COVID-19.

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The calculus of cannabis: How legalizing pot became a political puzzle

Whether Connecticut legalizes marijuana depends on two legislators solving a puzzle of politics and numbers.

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Connecticut must protect vulnerable populations from biased and discriminatory healthcare practices

At a time of great uncertainty for the public health of our nation, the path to protect patients in Connecticut from unfair…