Arielle Levin Becker

Arielle Levin Becker covers health care for The Connecticut Mirror. She previously worked for The Hartford Courant, most recently as its health reporter, and has also covered small towns, courts and education in Connecticut and New Jersey. She was a finalist in 2009 for the prestigious Livingston Award for Young Journalists and a recipient of a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship and the National Health Journalism Fellowship. She is a graduate of Yale University.

Andrew Ba Tran

Andrew is a data editor at and the Connecticut Mirror. He teaches data visualization at Central Connecticut State University as well intro to data journalism at Wesleyan University as a Koeppel Fellow. He was a founding producer of The Boston Globe's Data Desk where he used a variety of methods to visualize or tell stories with data. Andrew also was an online producer at The Virginian-Pilot and a staff writer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. He’s a Metpro Fellow, a Chips Quinn Scholar, and a graduate of the University of Texas.

Alvin Chang

Recent Posts

Introducing The Mirror’s Hospitals Database

On average, 78 percent of hospital beds in the state were filled during the 2014 fiscal year, and patients stayed an average of five days. Connecticut’s acute care hospitals earned an average margin of 6.22 percent that year. But averages don’t tell the full story about hospitals in Connecticut. This database is aimed at helping you dig deeper. Continue Reading →

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The state of UConn in 15 charts

The University of Connecticut has been undergoing tremendous growth recently — partly evidenced by the $1.3 billion budget officials adopted last week. Here, in graphical form, is a historical overview of where the public university gets and spends its money, who it enrolls, and how many it employs. Continue Reading →

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Aggressive charter school campaign descends on the Capitol

Legislators are being bombarded with emails informing them every time a student applies to a charter school that the state has yet to agree to fund. And when they turn on the television, they see advertisements warning that thousands of students will be trapped in failing schools unless state lawmakers spend millions more to expand enrollment in charter schools. Continue Reading →

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Introducing Vote Hound: In Connecticut, does one party really rule?

Most roll call votes in the Connecticut legislature are easy to analyze: They are either unanimous or follow party lines. Vote Hound helps you find and analyze the other kind of votes, the ones where the patterns are not quite so clear. Explore the latest interactive database from The Connecticut Mirror and Trend CT. Continue Reading →

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5 Things You Need to Know About…Consensus Revenues

Once a month The Mirror will answer five questions about a key element of the state budget process. Labeled “5 Things,” our aim is to de-mystify the arcane language and process that shroud the way the state government chooses to spend taxpayers’ money. Today’s story will take a look at so-called “consensus revenue estimates,” which the state uses to project how much money it expects to have coming into its treasury. Continue Reading →

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