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The vaccination strategy that will save the most lives

The important decision our leaders face today is how to prioritize COVID vaccination. In these columns, three weeks ago, I put forward an evidence-based argument that we should give first priority to our seniors, in descending order of age. I proposed that if we use 90% of our vaccine for seniors and 10% for frontline healthcare workers and those with serious medical conditions, we will save 200,000 lives.

Posted inCT Viewpoints

Connecticut’s COVID-19 strategy is failing our nursing homes. We need to change course

On March 10, the governor, with full support from legislators, declared a state of emergency. By March 18, schools and all non-essential services had been closed. At that time, we had a few confirmed cases and no deaths. Today, after  six weeks of shutdowns, social distancing, and 32 executive orders constraining all aspects of life, Connecticut reports roughly 500 new COVID-19 cases and 100 COVID deaths each day. I humbly ask a question – is it possible that our strategy is misplaced and we need a change of course?