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Immigration, what happened to valuing humanity?

Whether you are liberal or conservative, Democrat, Republican or independent, most all of us would agree that comprehensive immigration reform is long overdue in this country. With a Congress unwilling or unable to tackle this need for many years, the issue persists unresolved. With that said, another issue has emerged in our new political climate that challenges our American value of respect and humane treatment for all people.

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The Citizens Election Program must be protected

Before Connecticut’s Citizens’ Election Program, unions or corporations could donate as much as they wanted directly to candidates, and expect favors in return.  Some current legislators are proposing the program’s elimination as a way to save money during the current budget negotiations. Fully funding the CEP is crucial to Connecticut’s ability to transcend the days of “Corrupticut.”

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Feeling lost in the time of Trump

I was raised by lifelong Republican parents who always told us to respect all people no matter what they look like. They were challenged in their beliefs as their daughters fell in love with men of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Until now, I believed the majority of Americans also held these values, even if our politics were different. This election has shaken those beliefs.