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Time to pull the plug on auto-renewed third party electric contracts!

Ratepayers in Connecticut pay the highest rates in the continental United States. Those entering third party electric supplier contracts to save money frequently find that what seems like a good deal initially turns into a costly mistake in the end. This is due to an anti-consumer provision of these supplier contracts that allows them to be auto-renewed at their conclusion.

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End auto-renewed third party electric contracts

AARP has worked for over a decade to address and rectify the fraud, misleading advertising and unscrupulous practices that has plagued and undermined Connecticut’s deregulated third-party electric market place. This has frequently resembled a game of whack-a-mole with a new scheme or trick popping up every time AARP and other consumer advocates knock down a deceptive supplier tactic through legislation or a Public Utilities Regulatory Authority ruling.

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Don’t buy Dominion Energy’s high-priced Millstone spin

Don’t buy the high-priced spin from Dominion Energy about the Millstone nuclear power plant they own. The plant is not in eminent danger of closing and does not need a Connecticut only ratepayer-funded subsidy. There is no doubt that Millstone is an important asset in Connecticut that employees many hardworking residents and represents over half of energy generated here. However, according to a recent MIT study it is the most profitable of the more than 60 operating nuclear plants in the United States.