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All Americans would call the shots in a national popular vote for president

Nicholas Malino’s March 29 op-ed in CTViewpoints said:
“Hillary Clinton received 2.8 million more votes than Trump (out of 129 million). She also won California’s 55 electoral votes by 4.2 million votes. To look at it another way, with the NPV, California calls the shots.”
It is a fact that California (with 37 million people) gave Hillary Clinton 62 percent of its vote and a margin of 4,269,978 votes.  However, Malino’s “call the shots” assertion neglects to mention that both political parties have bases of support in different parts of the country.  As political analyst Nate Cohn observed, an equally populous Republican base area with 37 million people gave Donald Trump 61 percent of its votes and a margin of 4,475,297 votes.  Cohn gave the name “Appalachafornia” to this group of Republican states running from West Virginia to Wyoming.