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The Chicago teachers’ strike has lessons for Connecticut

It’s been an important couple of years for labor strikes. The Labor Department reported in February that in 2018, the largest number striking workers were involved in labor disputes since 1986; over 400,000. Among related major incidents in 2019 —from this past spring’s New England Shop & Stop strike to this month’s United Auto Workers battle for better pay for temps and new hires— public school teachers inarguably occupied an immense presence.

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Housing is a human right. It’s time the U.S. recognized it

The president’s trademark cavalier disgust toward Skid Row is reflective of his administration’s abject approach to dealing with the homelessness crisis itself; he’s already “doing something about it.” Not only has the administration’s 2020 fiscal year budget forecasts a 16 percent cut for Housing and Urban Development, (further cuts amounting to $2.8 billion are in store for the crucial Public Housing Operating Fund) but it has expressed interests in rounding up the homeless of Skid Row and other areas and forcing them into giant federal camps in a morbidly counter-intuitive attempt to curb unsanitary conditions.