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For a deeper look at Connecticut’s state budget crisis, read Keith Phaneuf’s acclaimed five-part series, “A Legacy of Debt.”

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Projections show transportation funds getting lean by 2021

Will Connecticut be able to borrow funds at affordable rates to rebuild its aging transportation system? New projections show one key barometer of the transportation program’s fiscal health could be slipping into dangerous territory within the next two years. Continue Reading →

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Wooden and Gray vie to replace a 20-year veteran for state treasurer’s office

Democrat Shawn Wooden and Republican Thad Gray largely see eye-to-eye when it comes to the state’s massive pension debt, the state’s growing reliance on borrowing  to cover debt payments, and even the financial bailout for Hartford. But when it comes to the proper background to handle the job, the candidates each say their rival is lacking. Continue Reading →

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Lamont paints himself into a fiscal corner by ruling out solutions to deficit

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ned Lamont has slowly eliminated most options to close a major post-election deficit in state finances as he’s tried to convince voters he won’t order major tax hikes. [Updated at 7:15 p.m. with comment from Bob Stefanowski’s campaign.] Continue Reading →

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