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For a deeper look at inequality in Connecticut’s public schools, read Jacqueline Rabe Thomas’ acclaimed seven-part series, “Troubled Schools on Trial.”

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McHaelen: Despite social changes, LGBT kids continue to have more difficult adolescence

By the time she was 13, Robin McHaelen knew she was a lesbian, but she didn’t come out until she was in her early 30s. In the meantime she attempted suicide more than once, used drugs heavily through high school and college and felt continually depressed. Now the executive director of True Colors Inc. in Hartford, the Connecticut native has dedicated the past 22 years to meeting the needs of the sexual and gender minority youth. She shares her insights in this Sunday Conversation. Continue Reading →

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As UConn returns, a chapter in Hartford’s history is completed

HARTFORD — For nearly a half-century, the University of Connecticut has had no place to call its own in the state’s capital city. Today that changes as Connecticut’s flagship university opens the doors of its new $140-million downtown branch campus on Prospect Street. Continue Reading →

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Poorest districts spared some ed funding cuts, still to be hit hard by others

In the absence of a state budget, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has spared Connecticut’s most impoverished communities from losing their largest education grants, but there are plenty of other lesser grants these towns rely on that will be decimated or scaled back under his executive orders. Continue Reading →

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State school aid: How would your town fare under Malloy’s plan?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Friday released a plan to eliminate Education Cost Sharing funding for 85 school districts and reduce funding for another 54 if no state budget is adopted before the first week of October. Grants to the 30 lowest-performing school systems would remain unchanged. Continue Reading →

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Malloy would reduce, dramatically redistribute school aid in October

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy would reduce grants to school districts by 28 percent in October — if no state budget has been adopted —  and would dramatically shift funding away from wealthy and middle-income communities and into poorer ones. Continue Reading →

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State to continue funding pre-K expansion despite lack of budget

With no state budget in place for the current fiscal year – and the school year quickly approaching – uncertainty had surrounded whether the state would provide the money it promised district leaders when they expanded or opened new preschool classrooms over the last two school years. Continue Reading →

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The state of CT’s cities and towns in charts

State aid to municipalities largely has been spared cuts over the last decade – and has even been increased in some years – even though the state has regularly faced budget deficits. Now it’s time for some municipalities to share in the pain, the Malloy administration maintains. As the debate rages, here, in graphical form, are some key indicators of the fiscal condition of the state’s 169 cities and towns and how they are spending their money. Continue Reading →

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