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A taxing week in Washington delivers a Christmas gift to business

It has been a taxing week in Washington – literally and, for some, figuratively – and not without its headaches in Connecticut, too. The big development, of course, was the Republican Party’s passage of a huge tax reform bill that will bring big benefits to business, some temporary relief to the middle class, and a projected $1.5 trillion in additional debt for a future Congress to worry about. Continue Reading →

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Rancor on top of rancor with some extra rancor

It was a week of particularly rancorous politics in a month of rancorous politics in a year of rancorous politics. It began with uproar over the past behavior of Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore of Alabama, accused of predatory sexual conduct toward women half his age; then swept up Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota. Continue Reading →

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