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Malloy does what legislators won’t: Orders $10 million study of tolling

Modern tolls use overhead gantries like this one on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Arnold Reinhold / Creative Commons)

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ordered state agencies Tuesday to develop a comprehensive, $10 million study of electronic tolling that would examine pricing, locations, and the potential to capture revenue from out-of-state motorists. Continue Reading →

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DMV improves some wait times, lines still long at main branches

Wethersfield DMV-goers endure two-hour wait times.

Michael Thomas was suffering through a two-and-a-half hour wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles office in Wethersfield on a recent afternoon when Gov. Dannel P. Malloy appeared on the TV  in the corner of the crowded, dingy room. Thomas watched as Malloy cut the ribbon for the DMV’s newly opened self-serve licensing renewal kiosks in Milford, and sighed. “I still have 15 minutes to go,” Thomas said, glancing over at a monitor that displayed the customer wait time. “If I had to drive longer just to wait a shorter wait time, I would do it.”

If Thomas lived on the shoreline, he might have shortened his wait by a couple of hours. But for Wethersfield DMV customers, a long wait is a common experience, with lines akin to those at a Disney World theme park.  

While lines snake through DMV’s regular branches, however, Milford’s self-serving kiosks, or Express Centers, boast a much shorter trickle of customers whose wait time averages no more than 20 minutes. Continue Reading →

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Hartford line hoopla ends, and new commuting era begins

Bronx resident Thomas Rome would regularly crisscross between New York City and Hartford by car for nearly three hours to practice as a lawyer at his two offices. On Monday, Rome said his life completely changed when he joined other weekday commuters in riding CTRail’s newly launched Hartford Line. Continue Reading →

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Legislature overwhelmingly enacts bipartisan CT budget

The legislature overwhelmingly approved a new state budget shortly before their midnight deadline Wednesday that restores aid for towns; reverses health care cuts for the elderly, poor and disabled; and defers a transportation crisis — at least for another year. Continue Reading →

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