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The electric car comes of age, right when we need it

Imagine you’re mired in heavy traffic on I-95 on a steamy summer day, with plenty of time to study the car ahead of you. Something puzzles you about it, but you’re not sure what. After staring for a long minute, you realize — aha — that it has no tailpipe. You are tailing a Tesla — an electric car. If you’ve not yet had this experience, you soon will. Continue Reading →

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Eat my dust, Maserati

Disabuse yourself of the notion, if your entertain it, that electric cars are elaborate golf carts that can barely get out of their own way. That is not the case, by a long shot. I took a short spin in a Tesla Model 3, driving through the streets of West Hartford and on I-84. I now see why people like Teslas. Continue Reading →

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Lamont finds more dollars for transportation than Stefanowski, but not enough to fix everything

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ned Lamont pledged to enhance services along the Hartford-to-New Haven rail line, but neither Lamont nor GOP rival Bob Stefanowski have pledged support for sufficient revenues to finance a major rebuild of Connecticut’s transportation infrastructure. Continue Reading →

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Malloy does what legislators won’t: Orders $10 million study of tolling

Modern tolls use overhead gantries like this one on the Massachusetts Turnpike (Arnold Reinhold / Creative Commons)

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ordered state agencies Tuesday to develop a comprehensive, $10 million study of electronic tolling that would examine pricing, locations, and the potential to capture revenue from out-of-state motorists. Continue Reading →

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