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Murphy’s Yemen measure advances as lawmakers seek tougher sanctions on Saudi Arabia

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chris Murphy inched closer to victory Wednesday in his longstanding campaign to end U.S. military support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen as the Senate took a historic vote to begin debate on a measure that would end that relationship. Other lawmakers want to go further and end arms sales to the kingdom as punishment for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Continue Reading →

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Congress approves farm bill that rejects food stamp cuts, helps CT dairy farmers

WASHINGTON – Congress approved a new farm bill Wednesday that rejects President Donald Trump’s plan to impose work requirements on food stamp recipients, allocates billions of dollars in subsidies to American farmers, and provides new help to Connecticut’s vulnerable dairy industry. Continue Reading →

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Esty prepares to leave Congress — and politics

WASHINGTON – Many lawmakers who will retire at the end of this Congress or have lost re-election have shuttered their offices and gone home. Not so Connecticut Democrat, U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty. While she is determined to work to the last moment, without an office or staff, Esty says she’s done with politics. Continue Reading →

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Gun control advocates optimistic new Congress will act on their agenda

WASHINGTON – Every year gun control activists from Newtown gather here to condemn congressional inaction on legislation they think will keep Americans safe. This year the mood at the gathering was quite different as gun control advocates are counting on the support of new members who ran — and won — on gun control and helped flip the U.S. House to Democratic control.. Continue Reading →

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Murphy takes aim at U.S. News and World Report’s college rankings

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chris Murphy is tussling with U.S. News and World Report over the publication’s popular college rankings, arguing that enrollment of low-income and minority students are not given enough weight. The magazine responded Tuesday, saying it did not have the data to do what Murphy – and other Democratic senators – are suggesting. Continue Reading →

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IG report: Coast Guard Academy retaliated against whistleblower who reported racial bias

WASHINGTON – Federal investigators determined the Coast Guard Academy in New London retaliated against a black, female officer after she complained she was bullied and harassed. The academy is also under congressional investigation for allegations of racial discrimination, harassment and bullying. Continue Reading →

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Bush honored at funeral services in Washington

WASHINGTON – Work in Congress was halted on Monday as the body of former President George Herbert Walker Bush arrived here as part of funeral services that will be held throughout the week. Connecticut’s lawmakers plan to be among those who honor the nation’s 41st president this week. Continue Reading →

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Himes to Dems who oppose Pelosi — put up alternative or shut up

WASHINGTON – With the help of members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday was nominated to be the Democratic candidate for the next Speaker of the House. But Pelosi still needs to win over some rebellious Democrats who want a change in leadership. Continue Reading →

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Hayes learning the ropes in Congress as part of a diverse freshman class

WASHINGTON – Cloistered in a hotel a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol, Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes and dozens of incoming members of the next Congress are learning the ropes of their new jobs and getting to know the colleagues they will work with – and sometimes fight with—next year. Continue Reading →

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Hayes says she’ll support Pelosi, so do all other CT lawmakers

WASHINGTON – After saying during her campaign that she would not back her bid to lead House Democrats in the next Congress,  Rep.-elect Jahana Hayes on Tuesday said she will support embattled House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. That makes support for Pelosi’s bid to hold the Speaker’s gavel unanimous among the members of the Connecticut delegation to the U.S. House. Continue Reading →

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Conn. dairy farms caught up in Trump trade war

Connecticut’s dairy farmers, who were caught in the middle of President Donald Trump’s trade wars with other countries this year, have received little money from a federal mitigation program meant to compensate them for losses. “It’s a drop in the bucket,” said Seth Bahler, co-owner of Oakridge Dairy Farm in Ellington, of the trade mitigation payments. Continue Reading →

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