Commentary Guidelines

The Connecticut Mirror welcomes commentary on issues of public policy or public interest relevant to Connecticut. Original essays of no more than 750 words—and shorter is better–may be submitted by using the link at the bottom of this page. Some guidelines:

  • The best essays are lively, provocative and easy to read. You should take a clear position and state it forcefully.

  • While a good essay includes enough factual background to support its argument, the primary purpose of an opinion piece is not to explain an issue but to take a side.

  • You should have expertise or direct personal experience with the subject you are writing about, and explain that connection in your essay. If you have a personal or professional stake in an issue, especially a financial interest, you should make that clear as well.

  • The opinion page is not the place to rebut or respond to news stories or to another essay; for that, use the “Comment” section attached to each article.

  • We do not publish material that endorses or rates candidates for political office.

  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all names, facts and quotations. We may request backup material to verify factual information.

  • We do not publish articles anonymously or permit the use of pseudonyms. Please include your name, address, telephone number, professional affiliation and job title if relevant, and any other pertinent information regarding your interest in or connection to the issue you are writing about. Your street address and telephone number will not be published.

We will edit or trim articles as little as possible, but we reserve the right to do so if necessary. We will acknowledge receipt of all articles and notify you in advance if we intend to use your submission.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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