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A key goal of The Connecticut Mirror is to start conversations about government policy. We encourage readers to post comments and engage in conversation about the issues confronting our state – conversations where people listen and respond respectfully to one another; conversations where people can learn from one another; conversations that explore ideas, not shut other people down.

Our comments section is open on selected in-depth stories, where we encourage readers to offer well sourced responses to the reporting. Much like our opinion section, CT Viewpoints, we publish the most thoughtful comments we receive and allow other commenters to respond to those comments with sourced counterpoints or respectful questions that deepen the conversation. Comments should pertain directly to the content of the story page on which the comments are posted.

You will be asked to register once, then log in whenever you wish to post a comment. Although we require an e-mail address to confirm your registration, it’s never made public. All commenters must provide their name and town at the end of their comments. Comments without a name and town will not be published.

CT Mirror will review all comments before publishing them. Comments are approved, denied, or lightly edited to remove minor offending violations of these policies by CT Mirror at our sole discretion. We will be guided by these policies:

  1. Comments must be respectful of others and their opinions.
  2. Comments may contain up to 2,500 characters and may contain three links. Comments can be posted up to five days after a story first appears.
  3. If you have an opinion, back it up with data, history, other sources, anecdotes, personal experience, a logic trail, anything.
  4. In general, comments should focus on policy and should specifically address issues raised in the story to which they are attached or in other comments.
  5. A range of views is welcome. Slurs, gratuitous profanity, cartoonish characterizations, de-humanizing language, and personal attacks are not. Nor is overly partisan sniping or gratuitous snarkiness. How do we define that? Using the Justice Potter Stewart standard: we know it when we see it. But here’s some guidance: no sweeping critical statements about political parties or sweeping, dismissive assertions and comments that could fit on a bumper sticker. Comments such as “vote them all out of office,” “they’re all crooks,” or “they all lie” are not helpful and will not be published.
  6. Discussion of candidates and campaigns is encouraged; electioneering is not appropriate.
  7. Comments that include any of the following will not be published:
    1. Name calling (comments such as “Lamont is an idiot” or “Trump is a moron” do not advance conversations).
    2. Pejorative nicknames (e.g., Gloomy Blummy).
    3. Comments or labels that de-humanize others.
    4. Language that is not permitted in a G rated movie.
    5. Language that is meant to evoke inappropriate language (e.g., asterisks in place of one letter in an expletive or abbreviations like WTF).
    6. Personal attacks on a fellow commenter based on that person’s gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, age, occupation, or any other personal characteristics.
    7. Comments that ONLY include a link or image.

We work very hard to maintain balance in our journalism. We welcome comments from anyone who believes we are falling short of that standard. Comments about The Connecticut Mirror and our journalism are only helpful if they include examples or descriptions as to why you perceive CT Mirror the way you do. An email or letter to our Publisher ( that respectfully outlines your thoughts is more productive than sweeping assertions in comments sections. Comments like “The Mirror is a joke” or “The Mirror is a bunch of lefties” are not helpful.

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