Letter from the Editor

The staffs of the Mirror and WNPR are working together to provide extensive primary coverage on Tuesday. We hope you’ll not only tune in, but participate.

Reporters for both news organizations will be out through the day, into the evening after polls close (at 8) collecting up-to-date information — stats, voter turnout info, candidate sightings, local color, etc. We will also be working with CT-N, which will start broadcasting at 8 as the results come in, to bring you coverage on three different platforms.

And we really want to hear from you. In fact, your experiences on Tuesday, your opinions, your take on the races and results will be indispensable.

The Mirror will launch a live, interactive blog, starting in the morning, so readers, viewers, listeners can add comments, photos, Elizabethan sonnets to commemorate and illuminate primary day. This will be in addition to offering brief reports from Mirror staff Mark Pazniokas, Keith Phaneuf and others, as well as Jeff Cohen and Diane Orson from WNPR.

To contact the Mirror Tuesday, send emails to Nick Rondinone (nrondinone@ctmirror.org), or call 860-519-7371, 860-965-7202 or 860-336-6775. We want to hear and read what you’re seeing at polling places, at candidates’ appearances, or what you’re thinking about the races and their results.

Starting at 7 p.m., WNPR’s John Dankosky and Colin McEnroe will be broadcasting from the Red Rock Tavern (a.k.a. Kenney’s) on Capitol Avenue, with guest commentators and frequent on-the-scene reports from Mirror writers and radio reporters. The station’s on-air call-in number is: 860-275-7266.

The WNPR report will also be live-streamed on the Mirror’s website.

[In case you’re a little fuzzy, here’s Tuesday’s rundown: Registered Republicans and Democrats have choices to make in a number of General Assembly districts; Republicans have a choice in the 2nd Congressional District; Republicans and Democrats will choose in the 5th Congressional District; and every Democrat and Republican in the state has a choice for U.S. Senate.]

Jenifer Frank