Gym reopens02

Deb Vynalek, (right) owner Core Club & 24/7 Gym in Durham, coaches Justin Sambor, of Middlefield, on foot position during weight training as his brother Michael (left) watches. The Sambors were the first in the door when the fitness club reopened at 6:00 a.m. after being shuttered for three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, June 17, 2020. Cloe Poisson /

Although Sambor and his brother Michael have a weight bench at home, they were anxious to return to the gym after the three month hiatus. “Being in the gym is a different atmosphere,” said Michael Sambor. “It changes everything.” The fitness club has been retrofitted with plexiglass barriers, numerous hand sanitizer stations, disinfectant spray and signage reminding patrons to wipe down equipment after each use to prevent the spread of the virus and to follow state guidelines for Phase 2 reopening. “When you walk in the door, you’re ok. It’s safe,” said Vynalek.

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