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Posted inEducation

UConn students will no longer will be suspended for marijuana possession

Following the state’s lead in decriminalizing marijuana, the University of Connecticut has taken the next step and knocked down the penalties on campus. The plan approved by the Office of Community Standards will have university officials treat possession of marijuana the same as possession of alcohol. Instead of suspending students caught with small amounts of marijuana, […]

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What not to major in at college

Even with the downsizing of newsrooms across the country, it turns out that college journalism majors don’t face the harshest job market. Architecture majors do. Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce’s annual “Not all College Degrees are Created Equal” shows that 14 percent of recent graduates in architecture programs are jobless, and those […]

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Fail. ConnCAN blasts school finance panel’s recommendations

ConnCAN, a New-Haven based education reform group, has given the panel tasked with fixing how the state’s schools are financed a failing grade on its first round of recommendations. “These consensus recommendations are a swing and a miss,” said Patrick Riccards, the group’s leader. The Education Cost Sharing panel released a short list of recommendations […]

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Connecticut ranks 7th in state funding cuts to higher education

Connecticut ranks seventh in cutting higher education funding from last year to this year, according to an annual report released by the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State University Monday. While the average cut was 4.1 percent in other states, Connecticut’s colleges and universities took a 12.2 percent hit for this […]

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School finance panel finishes interim report

The task force charged with providing a solution to the problems in the way the state funds education has approved an interim report. The “consensus recommendations” are two pages. The recommendations include providing greater access and enhancing early education programs, providing “fair and reasonable” funding for the state’s nontraditional school choice programs, using more accurate […]

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Help Wanted: Education chief creates seven new positions

Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor announced Wednesday that he has created seven new positions at the State Department of Education responsible for implementing elements of the education reforms sought by him and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. The new positions include a teacher talent officer for teacher preparedness, a school turnaround officer to lead interventions in low-achieving […]

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Parents Union calls for allowing students to select which school they attend, no matter what district

A coalition of parents wants to eliminate the school district borders and eliminate penalties for parents who send their child to whatever school they chose. “I am an everyday parent, and I just want my children to have access to a great education,” said Gwen Samuel, the leader of the state’s Parents’ Union and a […]