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Malloy ‘disappointed’ & ‘underwhelmed’ by out-of-state support

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said he felt “disappointed” and “underwhelmed” by the support coming from outside the state to restore power and called on the federal government to make sure Connecticut receives the help it needs. “We’ve been disappointed in the response from outside the region and the Department of Energy has been asked to […]

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Blumenthal helps found Oceans Caucus

Sen. Richard Blumenthal will be among the founding members of a new Senate Oceans Caucus, which is having its first meeting on Tuesday. The bipartisan group of senators will outline their priorities at a press conference after Tuesday’s organizational meeting. But in a media advisory, the new group said that oceans and their coastal ecosystems […]

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Studies find climate change jeopardizing national parks

Two new studies say global warming is threatening national parks in the West and Midwest, including the nation’s oldest park, Yellowstone. Ecologists say climate change in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem will increase the frequency of wildfires and alter the composition of the forests by 2050, US News reports. Using historic fire data to project future […]

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U.S. Dept. of Labor grants CT $5.8 million for green jobs

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis announced Wednesday afternoon that Connecticut will receive $5.8 million in grants for the creation of green jobs, pleasing both U.S. Rep. John Larson and U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro. The money comes from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Green Jobs Innovation Fund. The Connecticut Department of Labor in Wethersfield and […]

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Last-day legislative drama centers on Haddam land swap

With no major legislation remaining, the General Assembly was free today to mull and eventually approve the contentious Haddam land swap, one of the intensely personal issues, favors and grievances that add drama to the frenetic last day of every annual session. Bills are held to the last day for myriad reasons, often having nothing […]

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Esty refuses to say if legislators should approve Haddam land swap

Legislators trying to judge the propriety conveying open space in Haddam for a development project overlooking the Connecticut River will have to make do without the opinion of Daniel C. Esty, the commissioner of environmental protection. Esty today declined to respond to a request yesterday from three legislators on the Environment Committee for his opinion […]

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State panel approves Connecticut’s first wind farm

Connecticut’s first commercial wind farm is on the books: The Connecticut Siting Council in a 6-1 vote, approved the first of two related projects in Colebrook. “A great message was sent by new the new administration that Connecticut is open for wind renewable energy,” said Greg Zupkus, co-founder of BNE Energy of West Hartford, the […]

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Study: State does well in linking transportation spending, policy goals

A new report gives Connecticut and 12 other states high marks for measuring the effectiveness of transportation spending in meeting policy goals ranging from traffic safety to environmental protection. The report, by the Pew Center on the States and the Rockefeller Foundation, assesses states on their use of goals, performance measures and data to link […]

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Will wind turbines really create jobs?

If you believe BNE Energy’s industrial wind turbine project in Colebrook will create jobs, read Joel Rinebold’s testimony before the Connecticut Siting Council.  Who is Joel Rinebold?  He was hired by BNE to prepare an Economic Energy Analysis for their projects in Colebrook and Prospect. Interestingly, Mr. Rinebold is a former executive director of the […]

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State leadership on clean energy/energy efficiency will create jobs

Job creation is one of Connecticut’s top priorities, and the creation of new jobs through energy efficiency and clean energy projects in schools, homes and public buildings should be a high profile initiative led by Gov. Malloy and supported by the Connecticut legislature. Jobs that provide an energy or environmental benefit, also known as “green […]

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Creation of DEEP a move toward environmental health, economic growth

In proposing a merged Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) with Dan Esty as its head, Governor Malloy took a bold step toward implementing his stated vision that Connecticut’s environmental health and economic future are fundamentally and inextricably linked. Governor Malloy deserves credit for taking action so early in his tenure to pull together […]