Untold: A CT Mirror Podcast

Season 1: Recovery

Whose recovery is this anyway? Our first season showcases stories from around Connecticut about how people are feeling two years into the pandemic.

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Episode 1: Economy

The inequalities that existed in Connecticut well before the pandemic were only worsened by COVID. So whose recovery is this anyway?

Episode 2: Education

If you had to think about a key area of life where COVID-19 exposed enormous divisions that already existed, education would be near the top of the list.

Episode 3: Opioids

The pandemic has shown us all the importance of prioritizing recovery and mental health. Are we turning the corner on the stigma of drug use?

Episode 4: Incarceration

Thousands of people were released from prison in Connecticut in 2020 as the Department of Corrections tried to stem a tide of COVID in its facilities.


Thank you to Leadership Greater Hartford and the University of Connecticut School of Public Policy, whose generous financial support helps to make Untold possible.

Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH) is a proud sponsor of CT Mirror’s “Untold” Podcast. The landscape and needs of leaders are constantly evolving, and LGH strives to be a go-to resource in supporting community leaders who are navigating emerging and established leadership demands. Their lunchtime webinar series, Leading in the New Now, launches this May and features some of the best leadership minds locally and nationally to provide insights to leaders at every level. Learn more at leadershipgh.org.

Untold is sponsored by UConn’s School of Public Policy, a leader in public policy, public management, nonprofit management, and survey research education.

About The Podcast

Challenge assumptions, seek understanding, leave nothing untold.

In Untold we pass the microphone from the policymakers to the people, connecting with Connecticut’s communities to reframe familiar stories and explore those left untold. Read more in the Untold Season 1 Media Kit.

Meet The Team

Untold is hosted by Mercy A. Quaye and John Dankosky, and produced by Harriet Jones. The podcast’s music is composed by Mark Lyon.

Mercy A. Quaye

Mercy A. Quaye writes a monthly column called Sightlines for CT Mirror and is the editor of CT Mirror’s Community Editorial Board.  In 2015 she founded and continues to lead The Narrative Project, a mission-driven communications consulting group providing communications support to non-profit organizations throughout the state. 

John Dankosky

John Dankosky is CT Mirror’s Director of Events. A well-known and highly-regarded radio personality and moderator, he divides his time between CT Mirror — where he heads up our events program and serves as a multi-platform consultant — and the NPR / PRI program Science Friday.

Harriet Jones

Harriet Jones has 30 years experience in storytelling. She began her training with the BBC, taught journalism in Eastern Europe and has been a reporter, news editor and manager in both the commercial and public media worlds. Her work is heard on NPR’s Here & Now, American Public Media’s Marketplace and on local stations throughout the country.

Mark Lyon

Mark Lyon

Mark Lyon is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, and music educator who lives in New Haven. Over the past 15 years, Lyon has been a freelance guitarist/bassist in the r&b, funk, reggae, and hip hop circuits. However, he is most recognized as the guitarist and musical director of original soul act, Phat A$tronaut.