Hurlburt, Bryan

District towns: Ashford, Tolland, Willington

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Election history: Elected in 2006 to an open seat, succeeding Democrat Michael Cardin.

2008 general election

Bryan Hurlburt (D) 7,356 57 percent
Robert D. Arute (R) 5,639 43 percent

Public financing: Hurlburt and Arute each qualified for $25,000 in public financing for their campaigns under the Citizens’ Election Program. Hurlburt returned $92.61 in surplus funds to the state.

Background: Hurlburt graduated from college in 2001 and was elected two years later to the Tolland Town Council. He held at several staff positions at the General Assembly before his election as a legislator.

Committees: Environment, Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Judiciary.

Education: B.S., University of Connecticut

Occupation: Legislator

2008 Financial Disclosure: Hurlburt reported outside income from NERAC, a research company located in Tolland. His wife, Tracy Hurlburt, is employed by Securitas, a security company. She owns their home in Tolland.

They own no securities worth more than $5,000.

They owe debts exceeding $10,000 to Newtown Savings Bank, Chase Auto Finance, Sallie Mae and Chase Student Loans.

A note on financial disclosure: Every spring, officials are required to disclose the ownership of real estate, the source of any income exceeding $1,000 in the previous calendar year and securities worth more than $5,000.