Altobello, Emil “Buddy”

District town: Meriden

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Election history: Altobello won an open seat in 1994, succeeding the House majority leader, Democrat Thomas S. Luby.

2008 general election

Emil Altobello (D)
7,096 76 percent
Floresia Allen (R) 2,216 24 percent

Public financing: Altobello received $24,500 in public financing for his campaign under the Citizens’ Election Program. He returned a $17,886.21 surplus to the state.

Background: Altobello represents a city whose delegation includes the current speaker of the House, Christopher G. Donovan. Altobello served eight years on the Meriden City Council. He is a deputy speaker.

Altobello voted with the Democratic leadership on budget and other key caucus issues, including health-care reforms. But he was in the minority among Democrats with his opposition to bills requiring employers to provide paid sick days, hospitals to offer emergency contraceptives to rape victims and restaurants to list calorie information on menus.

In 2007, he voted against the legalization of medical marijuana and a bill requiring gun owners to report stolen firearms.

Committees: Finance, General Law, Insurance, Legislative Management

Education: New York University

Occupation: Legislator

2008 Financial Disclosure: Altobello reported no income in 2008. He reported owning only one stock worth more than $5,000: Manulife Financial, the parent of John Hancock Insurance.

He reported having no debts in excess of $10,000.

A note on financial disclosure: Every spring, officials are required to disclose the ownership of real estate, the source of any income exceeding $1,000 in the previous calendar year and securities worth more than $5,000. They also are required to file an addendum in which they report any debt of more than $10,000; this may by law be kept confidential