Aldarondo, David

District town: Waterbury

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Election history: Aldarondo won an open seat in 2004, succeeding nine-term Democrat Thomas Conway in a district with a growing Latino population. Aldarondo won a Democratic primary for the nomination that year, beating Americo Santiago. IN 2008, he was cross-endorsed by the Working Families Party.

2008 general election

David Aldarondo (D)
2,935 65 percent
David Aldarondo (WF)
394 9 percent
Lisa A. Velez (R)
940 21 percent
Edward Plouffe (*CC) 41 1 percent
Robert L. Adkins (I)
157 3 percent
Robert L. Adkins (CFL)
41 1 percent

*Concerned citizens

**Connecticut for Lieberman

Public financing: Aldarondo and Velez each qualified for $25,000 in public financing for their campaigns under the Citizens’ Election Program. Each returned to the state a surplus: Aldarondo, $1,403.21; Velez, $411.05

Background: Aldarondo has voted with the Democratic majority on most issues, but he has shown a conservative streak on social issues. He was one of only 17 Democrats to vote against same-sex marriage in 2009. Two years earlier, he was one of nine Democrats to vote against requiring hospitals to provide emergency contraception for rape victims.

Committees: Aging, Executive and Legislative Nominations, Insurance

Education: B.A., Universidad Inter-America

Occupation: Educator, city of Waterbury

2008 Financial Disclosure: Aldarondo reported outside income from the city of Waterbury. His wife, Joanna Aldarondo, is employed by Day Break, an adult day care center. They do not own a home or any securities worth more $5,000.

Aldarondo voluntarily disclosed an addendum listing a debt of more than $10,000 to Express Loan of Cleveland.

A note on financial disclosure: Every spring, officials are required to disclose the ownership of real estate, the source of any income exceeding $1,000 in the previous calendar year and securities worth more than $5,000. They also are required to file an addendum in which they report any debt of more than $10,000; this may by law be kept confidential