Guglielmo, Anthony

District towns: Ashford, Chaplin, Coventry, Eastford, Ellington, Hampton, Pomfret, Stafford, Tolland, Union, Vernon, Willington, Woodstock

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Election history: Guglielmo unseated Democrat Marie Herbst in 1992, the year after Herbst voted for passage of the income tax. In 2008, Guglielmo was unopposed.

He unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 1980 and 1982.

2008 general election

Tony Guglielmo (R) 34,822 100 percent

Public financing: Guglielmo did not seek public financing for his unopposed race.

Background: In 2008, Guglielmo voted to override Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s veto of a minimum wage increase, but he opposed another bill the same year that would have required private employers to offer paid sick days.

Guglielmo voted in 2007 for the legalization of medical marijuana and to require hospitals to offer emergency contraceptives to rape victims.

He voted against requiring gun owners to report stolen firearms. He was one of only two legislators to vote against a ban on the use of machine guns by minors, a bill proposed after one of his Ashford constituents was killed at a firing range.

He is married and the father of three children. He and his wife live in Stafford.

Committees: Finance, Labor, Program Review, Public Safety; Regulation Review

Education: B.A, University of Connecticut; M.A., Trinity College

Occupation: Owner, Penny-Hanley & Howley Co., Inc. and Staffordville Insurance Agency

2008 Financial Disclosure: Guglielmo reported income from his insurance business and from fees paid him as the director of the New Alliance Foundation. His wife, Doris Guglielmo, owns their home in Stafford and a home in Plymouth, Mass.

His investments include stock in New Alliance Bank and several mutual funds.

He filed a confidential addendum listing any debts exceeding $10,000. He declined to release the addendum, as is his choice under the law.

A note on financial disclosure: Every spring, officials are required to disclose the ownership of real estate, the source of any income exceeding $1,000 in the previous calendar year and securities worth more than $5,000. They also are required to file an addendum in which they report any debt of more than $10,000; this may by law be kept confidential.