Stillman, Andrea L.

District towns: East Lyme, Montville, New London, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, Salem, Waterford

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Election history: Stillman won an open Senate seat in 2004, succeeding Democrat Melodie Peters. She was elected to six terms in the House, beginning in 1992.

2008 general election

Thomas C. Simones (R) 13,547 31 percent
Andrea L. Stillman (D)
29,808 68 percent
Marc L. Guttman (L)
700 2 percent

Public financing: Stillman received $84,900 in public financing for her campaign under the Citizens’ Election Program and returned a surplus of $10,168.56.

Simones received $85,000 and returned $4,616.68

Background: Stillman was the co-chair of the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee in the House, one of the power committees. After six years in the Senate, her domain is Public Safety. She has made the most of the assignment, using the committee as a platform to continue her advocacy of cracking down on the sexual trafficking of women. Stillman also played a high-profile role in the fight against a proposal to locate a floating liquid natural gas depot in Long Island Sound.

Still has voted with the Democratic majority on a wide range of fiscal, social and business issues, including voting to override Gov. M.Jodi Rell’s veto of a minimum-wage increase. She wrote an opinion piece stressing the importance of the increase to elderly constituents.

In 2005, Stillman was the target of online ridicule for proposing a ban on using cell phones while pumping gas. She was accused of falling for an urban myth. The measure never got past a public hearing.

Stillman lives in Waterford. She is married and has two children.

Committees: Education, Finance, Public Health, Public Safety (co-chair)

Education: B.A., University of California at Northridge

Occupation: Business owner

2008 Financial Disclosure: Stillman reported income from the office supply business she owns with her husband, J. Solomon, Inc. Her husband, Howard Stillman, owns the commercial building in downtown New London that houses the business. Stillman owns their home in Waterford.

Their investments are primarily in mutual funds.

She filed a confidential addendum listing any debts exceeding $10,000. She declined to release the addendum, as is her choice under the law.

A note on financial disclosure: Every spring, officials are required to disclose the ownership of real estate, the source of any income exceeding $1,000 in the previous calendar year and securities worth more than $5,000. They also are required to file an addendum in which they report any debt of more than $10,000; this may by law be kept confidential.