Mark Boughton

Public office: State House of Representatives, 1999 to 2001; mayor of Danbury, 2001 to present

Current position: Mayor of Danbury

Mark D. Boughton is the longest-serving Republican mayor of Danbury, a city of 80,000 that is Connecticut’s seventh-largest municipality and has been rated by CQ Press as the one of the safest municipalities in the United States.

Boughton entered the race for governor in February, offering himself as a populist who intended to build a campaign around his city’s record for low unemployment and low property taxes.

“Danbury is a city that by every measurement is well managed and is thriving,” Boughton said. “I will bring the same skills, vision, and hard work to the state of Connecticut that I have to Danbury.”

But Boughton dropped out of race in May, agreeing to become the running mate of Michael C. Fedele, who lost his primary. Boughton is now the running mate of Tom Foley, a man he has mocked for his wealth and pedigree.

Boughton has called for property tax reform and the consolidation and merging of departments in state government, When he joined Fedele’s ticket in May he said he would block additional spending until the Democratic legislature joins them in downsizing government. “So, what does that mean?” Boughton said. “Let’s be real clear about this: No fees, no taxes, no tolls. Our taxpayers have had enough.”

Boughton has not yet addressed his new running mate’s pledge to balance the state budget next year without raising taxes.

Boughton is best known outside western Connecticut for his efforts to crack down on illegal immigration in Danbury. Immigration is not an issue listed on his campaign web site.

Before entering politics, he taught social studies at Danbury High School for 14 years.

Education: B.S., Central Connecticut State University; M.S., Western Connecticut State University.

Personal: Boughton is 46, married to Phyllis Boughton, the owner of Connecticut Kitchen and Bath.