Ann Brickley

Public Office: None


Most Recent Position: Owner, Sage & Swift


Background: Brickley is a first-time candidate who believes her skills as a business consultant and problem-solver for companies looking to improve their performance and become more competitive is directly applicable to the situation Washington faces now.

Brickley advocates lowering taxes and eliminating regulations as means to stimulate the economy and create jobs. The stimulus bill, she says, did not encourage business investment or hiring.

She describes herself as “passionate” about reducing the federal deficit. “I support putting an end to wasteful government spending, unnecessary pet projects, and the creation of new entitlement mandates that are not sustainable. I am committed to limiting government spending to what we can afford,” she says on her website.

She has called the federal health reform another entitlement program that will increase the deficit and opposes cap and trade proposals because she believes they will increase utility costs. She does, however, support the development of clean, renewable energy sources.

In taking on John Larson, the fourth highest ranking member of the Democratic leadership, Brickley has a legitimate claim to the popular outsider status.

“I’m not a politician and I’ve never been a politician,” she said when announcing her candidacy. “I am completely dismayed by the dysfunctional process in Washington that does not represent the will of the people.”

Brickley has degrees in civil engineering and worked for the United Technologies Research Center in Hartford, followed by more than a decade in management roles at GE Industrial Systems. Since 1995, she has owned her own consulting firm, Sage & Swift.

“You know what?” she said of the link between her consulting work and why she decided to run for office. “The government really needs this. The country is running in the wrong direction and what I do for a living they really need.”


Education: B.S., M.S. University of Connecticut


Personal: Brickley is 55, has two grown sons and lives in Wethersfield, where she grew up.