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Norwalk bridge to remain closed? Depends who’s talking

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., surprised the Malloy administration by announcing Thursday that a mechanical swing bridge in Norwalk would remain in the closed position during repairs, providing reliable passage for Metro-North commuter trains while interrupting marine traffic on the Norwalk River. Continue Reading →

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Metro-North, MTA sought delay of federal safety rules

Washington – Crisis-plagued Metro-North and its parent company sought to delay and weaken proposed federal safety measures that could have helped prevent some of the accidents the rail company suffered in the past year. Less than two weeks before a foreman was killed by a train, Metro-North pressed the Federal Railroad Administration to delay a safety rule requiring trains to slow to 25 miles per hour when passing a work site. Continue Reading →

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Malloy criticizes Metro-North on new outage

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy personally expressed his frustration Friday morning to the MTA’s chairman, Tom Prendergast, over the previous evening’s power outage that stranded commuters on all three major Metro-North lines. “The power outage on the New Haven Line last evening was totally avoidable and frankly, unfathomable given that it occurred due to inappropriate actions on the part of Metro-North,” Malloy said. “On behalf of the thousands of Connecticut citizens who rely on this crucial rail service every day, I am outraged that any maintenance procedure would be performed on the signal control system during the peak evening commuter period.” A power failure at the railroad’s control center at Grand Central Terminal in New York left Metro-North without a computer system that controls and tracks train movements. Controllers then ordered a shutdown of the system. Continue Reading →

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