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Foundations chip in to help people sign up for Obamacare

Three foundations plan to pay for about 35 people to conduct “shoe-leather” outreach to help Connecticut residents sign up for Obamacare during the open enrollment that begins Nov. 15. The workers are intended to supplement a sign-up effort by the state’s health insurance exchange, Access Health CT, that critics worry won’t be enough to reach the remaining uninsured. Continue Reading →

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State regulators did little to curb Aetna rate hikes

Washington –- For years, insurance giant Aetna charged individual health insurance policyholders in Connecticut premiums far exceeding industry norms compared to what it paid out on medical claims. The oversized rates were allowed by the Connecticut Department of Insurance and only ended with the implementation of Obamacare. Continue Reading →

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Malloy, Wyman celebrate Access Health CT milestone

New Haven — Access Health CT, the state-run health insurance exchange created as part of the Affordable Care Act, celebrated a milestone Monday: Passing its self-imposed goal of signing up 100,000 residents and small businesses for health coverage. Continue Reading →

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Home care, Medicaid pay, inmate health care in Malloy proposal

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s proposed budget expands home care programs, creates a new medical assistance program for ex-inmates and provides money to pay primary doctors who treat Medicaid patients. It doesn’t offer any respite to hospitals. Continue Reading →

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Connecticut Obamacare exchange adding members. Were they uninsured?

This is a chart that shows the number of people who are likely to be potential customers in the state's health insurance exchange, including the uninsured and people whose old plans were discontinued.

Connecticut’s health insurance exchange is nearing its goal of getting 100,000 people signed up for coverage this year. But how close it is to another key goal — substantially reducing the number of state residents without health insurance — remains unclear. Continue Reading →

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Anthem extends payment deadline for new members

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has extended the payment deadline for customers beginning coverage in February and will continue to provide customer service to people who visit the company’s Wallingford headquarters through the end of the month. Continue Reading →

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Anthem making progress, but some customers still waiting

This is a picture of the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield logo at the company's Wallingford headquarters

After nearly a month of customer frustration and scrutiny from state regulators, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield has made progress in getting health care coverage set up for its January customers, according to state officials. Continue Reading →

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In UnitedHealthcare doctor cuts, some see larger trend

UnitedHealthcare sparked an intense backlash last fall when it notified more than 2,000 Connecticut doctors that they would be dropped from its Medicare Advantage network. Many people in health care believe that what UnitedHealthcare is trying to do — cover fewer doctors and other health care providers — is likely to become increasingly common in Connecticut. And to some doctors, the fight against UnitedHealthcare’s network changes is in part about pushing back against the larger trend. Continue Reading →

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