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What is ArtPoints?

The Connecticut Mirror exists to start conversations about public policy.  We all view the role and impact of public policy through different lenses and experience it different ways.  And we express ourselves and learn through different modalities.

That’s why CT Mirror is launching ArtPoints for Connecticut visual artists and multi-media producers  – to provide a mechanism for art to deepen understanding and inspire robust conversations about inequity and injustice in Connecticut, and about aspirations and dreams for how we’d like to see Connecticut work just a little bit better.  Like CTViewpoints, our forum for written commentary on politics and public policy, ArtPoints provides an opportunity for personal expression and reaction to life in Connecticut as you see it now or as you would like it to be.  

Please follow the instructions below to submit and share one or more of your works of art with The Connecticut Mirror’s statewide audience of 300,000 monthly users.

How to Submit

To submit an ArtPoint please use the form below and then click “Submit.” Please note, fields with an * are required.  If you have questions, feel free to email  Mallory Mason at or Paul Stern at

Please note: The form below is not for submitting CTViewpoints (written op-eds) or comments that appear at the bottom of Connecticut Mirror news stories or CTViewpoints.  You may submit CTViewpoints HERE.  You may submit comments on stories or CTViewpoints via Disqus at the bottom of articles or CTViewpoints.

Submission Guidelines

ArtPoints welcomes original art from the artist themself.

The opinions expressed by contributors to ArtPoints are theirs alone and are not to be construed as those of The Connecticut News Project (parent organization of The Connecticut Mirror).

Connecticut News Project’s employees, board members, and paid freelance contributors may not contribute.

ArtPoints can not endorse political candidacies or make direct appeals for support (IRS rules prohibit tax-exempt organizations such as The Connecticut News Project / Connecticut Mirror from advocating for or criticizing candidates for elective office, and publishing endorsements would constitute advocacy).

CT Mirror reserves the right to edit the written submissions that accompany art for length and style, to limit the frequency of publication by individual artists, and the right not to publish items that in its judgment do not advance public discourse.  CT Mirror will not alter any art as part of the publication process.

By submitting to ArtPoints you consent to receiving our daily email newsletter.  You may unsubscribe at any time.

Submission Form

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