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CT residents weigh in on net neutrality, but bots may be too

WASHINGTON — Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents have weighed in on a proposal to reverse Obama-administration “net neutrality rules” that prevent internet providers from blocking a rival’s content or creating “fast lanes” for companies willing to pay extra to deliver their content more quickly. But it’s difficult to tell how many of those comments are authentic and how many are phony. Continue Reading →

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It’s Black Friday, time for a caution from your U.S. senator

WEST HARTFORD — It’s an enduring Black Friday tradition, right up there with traffic jams, Walmart brawls, cheap electronics and buy-one-get-one sales — the press conference by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., on a consumer issue. This year, it was “cyber grinches” who use bots to scoop up hot toys online. Continue Reading →

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