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Shut out of budget talks, Malloy takes a stroll — to visit the press

Shut out of budget negotiations for a week, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy stretched his legs Thursday. Trailed by staff and security, Malloy strode from his 2nd-floor office to a 4th-floor landing outside the press room at the other end of the State Capitol. It was his second visit in as many days, using the press to remind public and politicians of his parameters for a budget deal. Continue Reading →

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With 3 still hedging, Senate to vote on concessions today

The trio of Democratic state senators moved as a tight knot through the State Capitol and Legislative Office Building, their mood seeming light when a reporter tried to press them on what comes next should they vote today to reject a state-employee concessions deal worth $1.57 billion to Connecticut’s overdue two-year budget. Yes, they can kill the deal, but then what? Continue Reading →

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Advocates: Disabled children stranded in CT hospital ERs

The emergency department entrance at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in Hartford.

Insufficient services, a complex funding system and deep state budget cuts have increasingly stranded developmentally disabled children in hospital emergency departments over the past year, often for weeks at a time, two state advocates told legislators Thursday. Continue Reading →

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GOP House, Senate divided over budget politics, tactics

House and Senate Republicans parted ways Tuesday, at least temporarily, over how to frame the GOP’s approach to resolving the mammoth deficit looming over the next state budget. Should they match Democrats in releasing their alternative? Or release nothing until Republicans and Democrats see each other’s plans? Continue Reading →

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