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House sends veto-proof, bipartisan budget to Malloy

With the final flourish of a veto-proof margin, the House of Representatives voted Thursday to give final legislative passage to an overdue, bipartisan budget crafted without the direct involvement of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Continue Reading →

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After 117-day marathon, Senate passes bipartisan budget

The Senate took a major step early Thursday toward ending Connecticut’s nearly 17-week budget impasse, overwhelmingly adopting a $41.3 billion, two-year plan that closes huge deficits without raising income or sales tax rates, imposes modest cuts on local aid, and provides emergency assistance to keep Hartford out of bankruptcy. Continue Reading →

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Car tax repeal hits a snag, tentative CT budget still unbalanced

Updated at 6:40 p.m.
Senate Democratic leaders hinted Monday that plans to eliminate property taxes on motor vehicles next year as part of a new state budget would be scaled back or scrapped altogether — just two business days after legislative leaders announced the initiative. Continue Reading →

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Legislators announce tentative, bipartisan budget deal

State legislative leaders declared Wednesday they had crafted the framework of a bipartisan deal to end Connecticut’s 110-day budget impasse. But while they insisted the plan balances net finances for this fiscal year and next, some key details, including distribution of town aid, remain to be resolved. Continue Reading →

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Malloy steps up attack on GOP’s pension reforms

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has repeatedly attacked a linchpin of the Republican budget plan on legal grounds, arguing that unilaterally trimming pension benefits in 2027 to save millions now is doomed to failure in court. On Tuesday, in an effort to influence bipartisan budget talks, he said the GOP’s math doesn’t work, either. Continue Reading →

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