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Car tax repeal hits a snag, tentative CT budget still unbalanced

Updated at 6:40 p.m.
Senate Democratic leaders hinted Monday that plans to eliminate property taxes on motor vehicles next year as part of a new state budget would be scaled back or scrapped altogether — just two business days after legislative leaders announced the initiative. Continue Reading →

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Um, governor, about your car taxes…

Taxes owed to Hartford on two cars owned by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy are listed in arrears, a subject of some gleeful emails among tax collectors opposed to Malloy’s plan to end the Department of Motor Vehicles’ role as a municipal debt collector. The bill was due Jan. 1. Malloy paid the bill on one car when told Tuesday night it was overdue. The other car has been sold. Continue Reading →

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Would state sales tax hike really translate into local tax relief?

The fate of a major proposed expansion of Connecticut’s sales tax may not hinge solely on the objections of businesses and consumers. The key question could be whether cities and towns — the prime beneficiaries of these potential sales tax receipts — would use those funds to lower property taxes or to expand local spending. Continue Reading →

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Looney: Glaring car tax disparities must be closed

State budget problems have blocked recent efforts to repeal Connecticut’s car tax. But even though a big deficit is forecast for next year, the Senate’s top leader says the state at least can act now to fix the car levy’s greatest flaw – a huge gap between urban and suburban tax rates.
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