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Lamont, Stefanowski, expand their fight on New York’s airwaves

Democrat Ned Lamont and Republican Bob Stefanowski are now battling for Connecticut’s governor’s seat on the airwaves of New York. Both candidates, running neck and neck in the polls, have last-minute ads up in the pricey New York media market hoping to reach more voters in southwestern Connecticut. Continue Reading →

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Stefanowski goes positive, leaving attacks to a GOP super PAC

A new television commercial featuring his wife, three daughters and the family dog reflects a shift by Republican Bob Stefanowski toward a softer message, leaving attacks on Democrat Ned Lamont to a Republican super PAC that has boosted its weekly advertising buy in Connecticut’s volatile gubernatorial race. Continue Reading →

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Stefanowski is on the trail, looking for money and votes

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski shook hands with office workers at the pre-Labor Day picnic that real-estate developer Robert D. Scinto throws for tenants and their employees at his office park in Shelton. Then Stefanowski retired to a borrowed office in Scinto’s headquarters to make calls for money, an activity that consumes about half his working day. “It’s part of the game.” Continue Reading →

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