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Merging CT’s community colleges is controversial. Here’s why.

In pursuit of cost savings, a merger of all the state’s community colleges is being proposed. But some are skeptical those savings can be achieved without impacting students’ education. The Mirror explores the controversy and the experiences of other states that have tried college mergers. Continue Reading →

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Ojakian, saying CSCU needs stability, wants to stay at the helm

“You can’t have a president every one or two years and expect that you’re actually going to provide the best service to students and to our state,” President Mark Ojakian said during a recent wide-ranging interview in his Hartford office. “You just can’t do that.” Continue Reading →

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CSCU leader asks for contract concessions; faculty unions balk

Updated at 3:39 p.m.
With plans to cut spending by $22 million, the president of the state’s largest public college system is asking union leaders for concessions. But the presidents of the two largest unions representing employees at the community colleges and Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut state universities say they aren’t interested. Continue Reading →

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CT community colleges’ emergency budget reserves hit all-time low

“This is not a sustainable outlook,” said Matt Fleury, chairman of the Regents’ Finance Committee, of the remaining $9.7 million balance. College officials said they were forced to turn to the reserves in recent weeks to close this year’s budget deficit. Continue Reading →

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Coming soon: 3 new presidents for community colleges

Dozens of people are vying to become the president of one of the three community colleges in Connecticut with an opening. The leader of the 92,000-student Connecticut State College and University system announced Thursday that 35 people have applied to be the president of Asnuntuck Community College, 37 people for Three Rivers and 23 for Quinebaug. Applications are still being accepted for a few more weeks and interviews will commence mid-March. Continue Reading →

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Community college faculty, lawmakers upset by UConn plan to limit transfer credits

Community college faculty and the leader of the legislature’s Higher Education Committee are upset with a proposal UConn officials plan to vote Monday on that would limit the number of credits students can transfer from community colleges. Continue Reading →

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