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Ojakian, saying CSCU needs stability, wants to stay at the helm

“You can’t have a president every one or two years and expect that you’re actually going to provide the best service to students and to our state,” President Mark Ojakian said during a recent wide-ranging interview in his Hartford office. “You just can’t do that.” Continue Reading →

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What cuts loom at your community college or regional university?

“This is a very challenging budget that we are looking at,” said Mark Ojakian, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities system. “Times of crisis are a time of opportunity. We are going to have to do business differently. We are not going to be able to sustain even this level of funding in the future. It’s going to be tough.” Continue Reading →

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Tuition hike pitched for public college system

It’s almost certain to become more expensive to attend the Connecticut State Universities and community colleges. Board of Regents President Mark Ojakian on Wednesday recommended state residents pay $480 more to attend the four regional state universities — a 5 percent increase — and $347 more to enroll in community colleges. Continue Reading →

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As professor racks up convictions, CSCU unable to consider them in employment decisions

What’s a college president to do with a professor who keeps getting arrested in his spare time? And if a professor is disciplined in connection with his job, should students and the public be able to find out? At the regional Connecticut State Universities, the answers to those questions will soon be sorted out. Continue Reading →

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Closing a Meriden campus just the beginning of college cuts

As public protests mount against the unexpected announcement that Middlesex Community College’s Meriden campus will close this spring, students and the public can brace for many more sudden cuts at the state’s community colleges and four regional universities. Continue Reading →

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CSCU officials recommend students pay 4.8 to 5.3 percent more

Officials of the state’s largest public college system have recommended to its governing board that community college students be charged between 4.8 and 5.3 percent more in tuition and fees next school year. They also recommend charging students attending the four regional Connecticut State Universities 4.8 percent more. Continue Reading →

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CT colleges: Proposed cuts would probably reduce staff and raise tuition

Potentially facing painful cuts in funding from the state, leaders of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system on Thursday projected what it would take to close their deficits purely with tuition hikes or staff reductions. Most likely, some combination of both would be necessary, they said. Continue Reading →

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Provost’s final emails show no friction with CSCU president

If there was friction between the Gregorgy Gray and Michael Gargano during Gargano’s last two weeks on the job, it didn’t play out in emails between the top two officials of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. Continue Reading →

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Separation agreement provides nearly $70K for CSCU provost who resigned

Michael Gargano, provost for the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities, who resigned abruptly last month from his $224,554-a-year job, will be paid by the public college system through February, according to a separation agreement dated Nov. 14. News of the agreement comes after a spokesman for the system repeatedly told The Connecticut Mirror over the last three weeks that he was “not aware” of a separation agreement. (Photo: Former Provost Michael Gargano) Continue Reading →

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CSCU leader says balking faculty will eventually praise transformation plan

Gregory Gray was taken aback when faculty members of the Connecticut State College and University system rejected his “road map” for transforming the sprawling network of campuses. In a recent interview, however, he said they will come to like and accept the plan as they learn more about it and participate more in shaping the final version. Continue Reading →

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Malloy names Donofrio next chairman for state’s largest college system

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Thursday named Nicholas M. Donofrio to lead the Connecticut State Colleges & Universities governing board, the state’s largest public college system.

The previous chairman of the 92,000-student system, Lewis J. Robinson, stepped down after being asked to do so in August by the governor’s office. The request was made after a of missteps that beset the system during Robinson’s tenure. Continue Reading →

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