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Nonpartisan analysts: Tentative CT budget wipes away lots of red ink

The tentative plan to close a $1 billion hole in Connecticut’s finances starting July 1 also would wipe away more than 40 percent of the red ink threatening state government after the November elections, nonpartisan fiscal analysts reported Tuesday evening. Continue Reading →

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Outgoing CT budget springs another leak, could threaten next year’s as well

Less than one month after Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and legislators closed a $220 million deficit in the budget that ends June 30, eroding tax receipts helped punch a new $141 million hole in finances, the administration reported late Wednesday. The last-minute shortfall in the outgoing budget threatens to intensify a bitter, fight over how to balance the next state financial plan. Continue Reading →

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Union negotiator’s rebuke blasts GOP over call for concessions

Union leaders have been consistent, if somewhat restrained, in their opposition to granting another round of employee concessions to mitigate looming state budget deficits. But that restraint ended last week when the unions’ chief negotiator sent a stinging rebuke to the Republican legislative leaders who issued the first call for concessions 12 months ago. Continue Reading →

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Lembo warns CT’s budget may not remain balanced for long

State Comptroller Kevin P. Lembo confirmed Friday that Connecticut’s finances are back in balance — for now. But the state’s chief fiscal watchdog reminded officials that Connecticut is due to test its revenues again shortly after the April 18 income tax filing deadline, and that the potential for more red ink remains very real. Continue Reading →

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