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Movement to complete state’s trails gaining momentum

For more than two decades, most of the new multi-use trails built in the state were almost entirely the work of local volunteers. In the past five years, however, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his transportation commissioner, James Redeker, have turned that narrative on its head. The state is now including non-motorized trails in its planning efforts and making major investments in them. Continue Reading →

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ConnDOT offers a plan, and a mea culpa, for I-84 in Hartford

Can the same state agency that bulldozed vibrant neighborhoods and bisected Hartford with the construction of I-84 a half-century ago knit the city back together? As it designs a replacement for an aging section of elevated highway, ConnDOT insists the answer is yes. Continue Reading →

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With cash for bike trails, new era begins at ConnDOT

The Connecticut Department of Transportation marked a milestone Tuesday as the state Bond Commission authorized $8.3 million in bicycle and pedestrian projects, including $5.1 million to construct a missing piece of the New Haven-to-Northampton, Mass., bicycle trail in Farmington. For the first time, the state is paying to construct a bike trail, the beginning of an annual commitment of $11.2 million. Continue Reading →

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Malloy proposes a ‘best-in-class’ transportation system

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy put forward a 30-year, $100 billion transportation initiative Wednesday, including a $10 billion investment in state and federal funds over the next five years. But the governor’s proposal does not say how it would keep transportation spending balanced beyond the next two years.
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GOP offers no-tax-hike transportation plan

Republican legislators unveiled a $37 billion transportation proposal on Tuesday while making pre-emptive political strike against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy anticipated initiative on the same topic. GOP leaders stressed their plan makes a major investment without imposing tolls, increasing overall debt or raising taxes.
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Transportation a second-term priority for Malloy

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy outlined a major second-term policy goal Wednesday for the first time since his re-election, saying he will engage the public and political establishment in a broad discussion of how Connecticut must invest in transportation to compete economically in the 21st Century. Continue Reading →

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Towns plead for more aid to fix deteriorating roads and bridges

Recent increases in state funding for municipal road and bridge repair haven’t been sufficient to reverse decades of shrinking assistance, or to prevent the steady deterioration of local infrastructure, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities reported Thursday. Continue Reading →

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Budget choices, fiscal maneuvers undermine transportation funding

A growing list of long-desired projects deemed unaffordable by transportation officials isn’t the only challenge awaiting the next governor. Critics say a decade’s worth of poor budgetary decisions has left billions of dollars’ worth transportation financing approved in name only – and not converted into actual dollars spent on highways, bridges and railroads. The second of three in a series. Continue Reading →

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Malloy suspends routine highway work to ease traffic crunch along Metro-North corridor

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy ordered the state Department of Transportation on Thursday to halt all routine road maintenance work in lower Fairfield County to ease traffic congestion. Vehicular traffic was expected to rise sharply after Wednesday’s power failure on the Metro-North rail line knocked out most service between Stamford and New York City for at least three weeks. Continue Reading →

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